Trump v. Pro Sports

  • well.. I guess it is semantics. 'right' may have been the wrong word. You have the 'right' to talk about it but it just shows that you are comfortable talking about things you know nothing about.


    Did you refuse to defend your country because you were taught to hate it, as Razer's brilliant meme suggests? You could have served in the Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard to defend your country, but you refused. Why do you hate America?

  • Yep, he could have been one of those guys that just loaded the bombs that killed women and children...

  • LOL.. finding myself agreeing with several people here. And.. being amazed at twat2's astounding statement that I refused to defend my country! Now.. I lived through this whole thing.. So far as I know.. my country was in NO danger from little yellow bastards that were half a world away.

    If vietnamese people were such a threat..........................let me put it to you this way.... before the vietnam war I never even heard of vietnam nor had I ever seen anyone from there. Now? because of the war...... the same people who said I should fear them (the vietnamese) have made it so every city has a shit load of em.

    My country did not need me in the least............or would not have unless they had a draft and could just draft people to go fight anyone for any reason or no reason at all... if I supported that in any way then I supported that war. Many felt that the war was the right thing and I had/have no problem with that.. few feel the same today.

    But.......what pissed me off the most was the draft. I don't expect many to have the courage to resist such a thing.. we all have to make that choice.

    Hell.. some countries have mandatory service.. these are generally countries filled with cowardly socialists too afraid to stand up for freedom tho. norway


  • I wonder how many innocent goatfuckers that legless marine killed.

    The Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals wrote:

    There are no innocent goatfuckers