Let the WAR begin! (MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAaaaaa) glock vs 1911

  • The best kind when it comes to obsolete WWII relics. Spend your money on better stuff. Like Glocks...

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  • Wow, I have that same Acog too, when the Ontario OPP police wanted a new patrol carbine, we submitted a mid length Sig PE90 rifle with a custom folding/scoping stock we designed for it, and that same small Acog is the one they wanted on it. We lost to Colt Canada, but I kept the optic and rifle, minus the F/A parts group of course, that'd be unlawful. I have a couple NSN Acogs and a larger 762 caliber one too, 4 total, but have used the Leupold CQB as my primary carbine scope for a while.

    You see many FR8's there in Norway? It's my favorite surplus rifle, SO many good things about it, short like your little sbr bolt action rifle there, very short in fact. HK style diopter sights (this is because Spain used the CETME with the same sights and this was a training rifle for that), takes NATO 762 stripper clips, a bayonet still, and has great sling point attachment locations. Best truck rifle ever for this country, as it looks very regular, and non threatening, should you ever get stopped, or worse yet have to use it.

  • Did Colt beat you on anything other than price and/or 'connections'?

    I'm sorry to say that I haven't seen a single FR8 here. Surplus guns are rare here with the exception of the M98, which can be found everywhere. I know one gun dealer here who got his hands on a batch of 14,000 of them. There's probably two hundred thousand of them in civilian use here, and most have been rebuilt to more practical hunting rifles (like mine). As an active service member at the time I got mine for little more than the paperwork fee. Civilians had to pay about $180 for one. Still that like one tenth the price of a new decent quality hunting rifle.

    A few have even made it over to your side of the pond.

    "With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably."

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  • I'd like one of those M98s, especially for that price, obviously they'd be expensive here now, the few that made it here. The Fr8s, I could buy them for 250$ with a fantastic bore, almost unfired a couple of them, now, they are 750 to 1000 up here due to their popularity. Glad I have both of mine.

    We lost the patrol rifle bid due to several factors, mostly cost, and the fact that Colt Canada was local to Ontario and builds probably one of the best factory/military issue M16/M4 derivatives in the world. However, that said, our rifle, in both lengths, the 8.9 552 and the 14.3" 551, was far more accurate, reliable, etc. It did use a cam/rollin magazine system similar to the AK, which meant more training/issues for police, as the controls/ergos on the M4 platform are better in this regard (IMO, theirs too). That said, it'd be easy to train around this, and again, their rifle had malfunctions in the trials, both of ours, not a single one. The PE90 is known to be probably the best main battle rifle made, in terms of quality, reliability, and accuracy, and of the thousands that passed through my hands I never saw a test target worse than 1 MOA at 300m with 10 rounds fired. Even the 552 9", I'd see some that were close to 1 MOA, usually no worse than 1.5 -2, which is nuts at that range for such a short barrel. When I started using a full length PE90/Swiss Arms rifle in Service rifle, they tried to ban it as I was pretty much unbeatable with it, mainly due to the gear advantage, I got 2nd with it at a Fort Lewis shoot, and was the top civilian that year using the factory Swiss 4x fixed optic and US issue 62 gr 556, that wasn't even the best round for that rifle.

    Our rifle would have cost 75% more, which is what killed it mostly. They did like it though, particularly the 14.3" accuracy and reliability, in any weather. It's really the best of the AK and AR mixed together with that long stroke piston, incredible build quality, excellent factory night sights, etc. The stock they wanted IMO wasn't necessary, the stock folder was fine, but they demanded a scoping stock, so we had to cook up this fitting to add an M4 stock on to the side folding rear end of the Sig rifles, and it worked really well actually, but added weight and complexity, and cost.

    Swiss Arms/Sig PE90 rifles are a dream to shoot, like the Mercedes Benz, or better yet Rolls Royce of the main battle rifle world. There is a reason people pay 3$k for them here, since 2001 when we brought in the first ones, they cost never went down, in fact they are now worth even more what with the government issues that came up a couple years back. Still, the M4 is cheaper, better ergos (in some ways), and does the job still for much less cost, and Colt/Diemaco Canada makes a really good one for the OPP.

  • 75% is... A lot. Guess that's why no large force buys "the best" equipment available. Just the "this will do".

    "With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably."