Let the WAR begin! (MUHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAaaaaa) glock vs 1911

  • This is actually just for fun but hey all how about posting your opinion and your fav?

    Why The 1911 Is Better Than Glock

    Glock 1911 and AR-15 

    Everyone who watchs The Firearm Blog on YouTube should know Patrick is a massive Glock fanboy. Awhile back Patrick got a job at Brownells and refused to ship 1911 parts. As a result, he ended up getting fired. The video was a parody and was supposed to be funny, and it was.

    Maybe someone twisted his arm to make this video about the 1911, or maybe Patrick is just trolling? Either way, it looks like Patrick is chewing glass the whole time.

    Patrick lists some points why the 1911 is better than the Glock.

    Some of the reasons include:

    • On the winning side of two World Wars.
    • Designed by John Browning
    • 45 is larger than the 9mm.
    • Better trigger.
    • Better grip angle.

    Now for the video.

    On a personal note, I wish Glock would make a handgun frame out of metal. That way dogs could not use the Glock as a chew toy.

    From what I understand, if a Glock has a light mounted on it and you shoot enough, the frame will heat up and warp from the pressure of the light mount. I have never heard of a 1911 frame warping from normal shooting.

    Let’s be honest. If you were going to leave a handgun to your children and grand children, would you rather the handgun be made from steel or plastic? Would you rather the handgun have some history behind it and machined from real metal that will last forever? Or, would you rather leave your kids and grand kids a handgun molded from injected plastic?

    3, 2, 1… let the flame war begin.


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  • Heh.. This is like comparing the Beatles to the Beach Boys.

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  • Well I don't own a handgun, and I know really next to nothing about them.

    I have to say "Glock" rolls off the tongue a lot better than "Nineteen eleven", I mean, who names a gun after a year?

    Glock is the winner and anyone who thinks otherwise is some sort of faggy gun snob.

  • My service pistol was a Glock 17. Got the option of buying it cheap when I left the army, so I did. Great gun, light, resilient, reliable, high capacity. Have shot several 1911s. Great guns too, but a bit long in the tooth tech-wise... Unnecessarily complicated safety, heavy, low capacity. Maybe a better competition gun than the Glock though.

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  • Glock ergonomics suck donkey balls. Stock sights suck donkey balls. Trigger sucks donkey balls.

    If you are going to purchase a poly handgun do yourself a huge favor. Try a a Walther PPQ. It fits the hand better. The stock sights are better. It has the best striker fired trigger of any poly handgun period.

  • If you want a cheap poly hand gun with a good trigger? Canik tp9 sf elite. Only caveat is to use hotter loadings. There is a fix to use lighter loadings and that is to utilize Walther ppq guiderod springs. The canik is basically a Turkish ripoff of Walther.

  • i has a 1911, and a glock21 gen4. i enjoy the glock. but....it doesn't seem to be the uber gun that it's touted to be. the 1911 just feels right. almost as if it's part of you when shooting it. the glock feels almost clumsy.

  • The new Caniks are excellent for the $.

    I have a first gen HK UPS in 9mm, and a Tactical in 45 - the dual spring system makes them the easiest pistols to cycle in the world, and for a polymer framed pistol, they have outlasted all others on my range to the tune of 30k+ rounds usually before having a catastrophic failure.

    Smith just came out with a G19 sized M/P, the M/P 2.0 has a 4ish inch barrel and is almost identical in dimensions to the G19. With an aftermarket trigger, this or the PPQ - now that Walther has fixed the little square ejector box piece that always broke in all their P99 style pistols at less than 5k rounds - would be my first choice for a polymer framed pistol now.

    I learned to shoot on 1911s so far as semi auto handguns go. They point better and more naturally than anything else for me, and they are wide and narrow in all the right places. Capacity does suck, but the trigger press consistency and ability to tune makes up for this somewhat for me. They are certainly more complicated in terms of all the various safety mechs build into the single action, and getting them into dirty water/mud is a problem, as you spend $$$ to get a tuned up one to get reliability, which means tolerances tighten up, which means in combat in shit conditions the reliability then can go out the window, sort of a catch 22 with them.

    I was issued a G19 and G26 by 2 companies too, and after getting some whizzy ammo, some mail order 3.5lb trigger connectors, and the big dot sights I ran back then shipped out, they worked fine, and I put about 10k through that G19 shooting free ammo from the US government that our company got to raid in just a few weeks.

    I good handgun shooter should be able to shoot every type well, I've been fortunate to have much of my training paid for over the years, and learned everything from fast draw to CQB from some of the best instructors and schools, and I while I have favorites and preferences, if it works, has a low round count (polymer longevity/reliability), I'll make it shoot well and trust it.

  • The Glock is not an "uber gun" in any way, and was never meant to be that. All guns are compromises in design. To understand the Glock you have to know where it comes from and the requirements it was made to fulfill. It was primarily designed to be the service sidearm of the Austrian army. That's a conscript army, so they needed a gun that is easy and safe to use under stress by people who have no more than a couple of months of trigger time. Secondly it was designed for police forces. Again you want a gun that is easy and safe to use under stress by police officers who don't necessarily get to shoot very often. Certainly not under stress. You want a heavy trigger pull with a long reset so that a soldier or police officer fires the gun only when he/she actually means to. Like with a DAO revolver the heavy mushy trigger pull is the safety on the Glock. In a cocked Glock the striker is only partially compressed, so the gun is actually only half-cocked, and the trigger pull fully cocks the striker. Remove that and you also remove the only safety device on the gun. Add external safety systems and you make the gun more complicated to use under stress for inexperienced shooters.

    It's a compromise and there certainly are better guns out there for hardened professionals or competition shooters.

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