Alright Shithead, Bring All that GeeeForce Right Here

  • You sawft cunt.

    Put all those Finger imposed threats to your fiber right fucking here, and we'll put it to a vote.

    A little advice, and I usually tell, don't fantasy my girls again. Carry your got caught twitch, like a fucking chain burden, and hope I don't appear in your single wet dream.

    Let's vote. In a house of wannabe Republic.

  • Ok, wtf is fuckfaces trying to say? Anybody?

    2020, America's New Civil War.

    If people do not display wisdom, they will crash like blind moles and then mutual annihilation will commence.

    Hitler: "We will drown them in their own blood!"
    Stalin: "We will drown them in our own blood!"

    Jong-un: "We will drown us in our own blood!"

    Senator Elizabeth Warren, winner of the 2018 Rachel Dolezal Award.

    Dems: "Tell us the truth"
    Barr: "There was spying"

  • He piled up a bunch of just ridiculous paragraphs. I read shit like this all the time. We're in a pen here, it sticks out. He was dragging paragraph's here and claiming .. some 'duty'.

    It took me tw0 fucking seconds to crack his shell. I copy/pasted his copy/paste to google. It was so fucking jargoned it was fanboi. So what, right? The lappy's here ate it up and said omg you are the BEST. Fuck my culture. You are so military, name my baby.

    The same fucking paragraph he ripped, and took the gooshing to, he used a response from the same thread. Fucking word for word.

    That's why he is lashing. Canada what you fucking french faggot. You throw the Corps at me again, what the fuck do I care? Fanboi. And your 4 GB hard drive full of nothing but shit you can't phathom.

    Bj ran war monger to Me. ^^ I ain't the shitstain denying reality for my DCS addiction. Four gigs.

    As for the other illegal pound the trump brix, .. Hahahaha. You can't vote. NRA what? They won't take your wife's money. Scream America guns Trump again, Canadian. You fucking tool.

    What is left right for you? Racism. You might just be the biggest turd here.

    Wack my ports. Best have a damn good proxy. Because I will annihilate you. And then, where'd you get my numbers, stinking ass? This unprotected bottom of filth, where you couldn't take your faced?

    Shoot at a rifleman. Good Goddamn.

  • Finger needs to know that ...

    What motherfucker. What is your loser ass gonna do but eat it.

    I'm the only gigantic piece of cock here that doesn't lie.

    cRazer said he was gonna put a shotgun in my mouth, cabby jew said he was gonna gut Me and various other Flamewarriorage.

    You want a threat? Go at my girls again. I'll $5 mod and takeover your fucking driveway. It's check's, asshole. But that would be your wife's account, now wouldn't it.

  • Finger imposed threats? Threatening your "girls"? Good one. You're the one that has in the past, and currently has been dropping threats. Never have I claimed to have been in the military. Owning a company that supplied a lot of gear to the military, then working for Sig Sauer and the 3 PMCs I worked for did entail a lot of working and training with the military, that's my only connection to the "military", I've been pretty open about that here. Lots of members here know my name, it shouldn't take you too long to get that, background me all you please, since you've obviously developed a fetish. Scratch that itch, that's what Fingers are for.

    Also, Guncrasher, Semp, Finger - whatever name you want to use - seriously, it's time for AA. Drinking this much is bad, 'mmkay. You can skip the "make amends" step if you want.

    Your drunken babble at HTC used to be amusing, now you've just become an annoyance, to everyone mostly.

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