get em while their hot?

  • Unless you're frame is spent uranium the weight of one little gun vs. another is inconsequential....unless you're a pussy. Printing is a completely different issue. P380, 26, or LCP will hide where a wheel gun just can't. Especially if you move around a lot in wildly varying environments like a dirt crawlspace in July or a 14/12 slope in November. Or vice versa. Form follows function.

    And just because you're sweating, that don't mean you're working. Follow me around for a day. I bet I can make you cry. At least if you're normal. But I suppose if a 5" pistol is the biggest thing you got in there you can take advantage of all the extra room. I wouldn't know. But suffice it to say trying that shit on one of my sites will either result in your "full size" whatever back in the truck or your ass getting kicked cause the guys resent you mincing around while they bust ass.

  • I work upright on the ground. I'm the boss but I'm also the mule that pulls the wagon. If I was crawling around like a gopher I wouldn't be carrying a firearm. It would remain in the truck.

  • Yeah, I wish I could find a guy who reminds me of myself 30 years ago but in the meantime I have to get stuff done and the mama's boys running about these days don't have the brains or tenacity. It'll be over soon enough, one way or another. Even the Irish wear out eventually.

  • Uranium? Nope much more rare than that.. it is made of scandium. I use a desanitis front pocket holster with that gun or the little Colt.

    Actual printing or showing is not possible. The weight thing I am talking about tho is not lugging the thing around... none of my guns are too heavy to lug around all day. No... it is the fact that the heavy ones pull down on that side of your pants.

    The other thing about a shrouded revolver is that it can be fired from inside the pocket of a jacket say. That little .357 would probly set the coat on fire tho.


  • Not to put too fine a point on it but I think scandium is just used to enhance aluminum's rigidity. Probably 'cause of the extra pressure. Not so much for weight relief. Loaded up it's gonna weigh more than a pound. It's gotta. Which again, doesn't really matter. My keys probably weigh close to that. But my keys don't go in my top pocket very often.

    Shrouded, bobbed or -less, unless it's in a side holster they all beat a spur sticking out. I like shrouds 'cause of the single action angle.

  • Even if bobbed you can single action... believe me I have done more than a couple.. you start the hammer back with your trigger finger and then get your thumb under it. Scandium is much lighter than aluminum and yes... it toughens the metal. The grips I put on are compact and maybe saved an ounce.. but like you it is not that important. Two 125 grain HP bullets weigh an ounce.

    So yeah... it is close to a pound all told. in the desanitis holster the size and weight are spread evenly in the pocket. It doesn't print and it doesn't drag down that side in the least. When I grab the grip the holster stays in the pocket because it is sticky on the outside.. If anything it is difficult to get the gun back in... easier to just take the holster completely out and put the whole mess back in.

    In the 'small' category the 340PD is the best compromise available at this point. their big problem is recoil.. which... is hellacious... It is seriously nasty but... 5 rounds of .357 make it worth it for that situation that will almost certainly never happen.


  • Yeah well, for me .357 is a pretty useless caliber. No need to shoot through doors or what not. Expensive for a gun that has a good chance of taking a swim. And again...too big (fat) for work. The only compromise for me is my preference for revolvers. But there's a couple of tiny autos that are pretty damn reliable. Even with funny ammo.

  • Wait... so a .357 is useless because it will shoot through houses (you may actually want to shoot through a door tho) but that super light copper penetrator stuff at close to the same velocity is great?

    There is a reason that the 125 grain HP in .357 is the best stopper even today. It is fast enough and heavy enough to penetrate and expand both with some reliability. In a revolver you have more room to play with bullet shape also.

    The .357 sig basically duplicates .357 mag or slightly lower in their 125 grain HP... they did it for a reason and it's stopping power record is already pretty impressive.

    The simple math is... hunting two or four legs.. you need enough velocity and weight to penetrate. even if the bullet hits bone or expands. penetration is probly more important than expansion but with anything less than about .40 caliber you probly want some expansion to go with penetration.

    Hunting with handguns has gone old school tho... big heavy bullets with sharp wide flat noses at max velocities of around 1200-1500 fps


  • I always find it vexing that with a language as specific as ours so many have trouble parsing simple sentences. Being married as I am I hope you'll excuse my reluctance to repeat, or needlessly clarify, what should be crystal clear.

    So we'll see. Every little bit helps.