Okay. No more guest posting

  • It was mostly one guy and it was 90% spam.

    Thanks for putting up with it you guys. I was giving it time to see if it could have turned into anything at least fun, but it was just constant retard spam.

    If someone wants to post they can log in and do it.


  • This program is simulcast in broken English.

    My goal is to be nice to at least 1 person a day. Today is not your day.

    Let me know if anything I said has offended you, So I can offend you again.

  • It didn't really bother me. I figured it was probably one or two dumbasses that would eventually get tired of playing ridiculous games.

    Same. He can go off and cry about it now on other boards and then reply to himself in an effort to make it seem as if anyone else actually gives a fuck.

  • yeah.. I get it.. still tho.. it gave me an opportunity to pontificate.. I mean razer does too but.. you know..


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • I stopped by the Shitbags today and it made me realize that it wasn't worth it to have this one fucking clown here. He says he registered multiple accounts anyway, so the safe-space little pussy can log in if he ever grows a pair.

  • Most won't, for whatever reason

    A narrative doesn’t require truth to remain viable, it requires the capacity to punish.

    “Diversity is our Strength” is made ludicrous by the entirety of human experience and conflict.

    But since you can be fired for denying it, there it sits like a turd on a silver tray.