Another Satanist Strikes

  • Kid was definitely into some weird ass dark occult shit, and you'd never know all of this other stuff happened at the school beforehand, of course authorities say it wasn't connected, which is fishy to me. I'm hoping more will come out about this kid. Check out this article. People knew something strange was going on.…me-satanists-cult-photos/

    interesting # coincidences too, even though I guess 4 died now, but this was what CNN was covering. Yall got to watch some of this guys videos to understand there is definitely some strange shit these dark clowns use with #s.

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  • Parents are being investigated and may face charges themselves. Prior to the shooting, a couple of teachers noticed behavior that caused them concern that resulted in the school calling in the parents tobspraknwith them but it seems the parents struggled it off.

    “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official.”

  • What the fuck is that nonsense in the video. Fucking insanity treated as sensible. Yay!

    Watch more of his videos. It's actually a very interesting phenomenon called Gematria, which is a practice used in Kabbalah. it's a real practice. It's not just about coding words into #s and matching them. It's about dates, # of days between dates, people's ages, and other correlations within events that happen in the media. I like watching his videos because it's a good review of current events, events you didn't hear about, and correlations within those events related to the #s. I think there is something very interesting behind it. You will see what I mean if you watch more of his videos. I don't always agree with his interpretations of things and he is a prick sometimes, but the # coincidences are crazy sometimes. It's almost like someone is coordinating events by the #s.

  • Some people simply choose to take the blue pill because they cannot accept a truth that is imagined beyond their own illusions.

    And some people are actually batshit crazy... like the guy in that video. This shit compares to flat earthers close enough that you should be ashamed.

  • latest word/rumor is this is now a thing among some?

    Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

    Presbyterian Rev. Gilbert Tennant:

    “He that suffers his life to be taken from him by one who has no authority for that purpose, when he might preserve it by defense, incurs the Guilt of self murder since God has enjoined him to seek the continuance of his life, and Nature itself teaches every creature to defend itself.”

  • And some people are actually batshit crazy... like the guy in that video. This shit compares to flat earthers close enough that you should be ashamed.

    Sigh. Stop being so blind and obtuse. One dimensional thinking and understanding is poor intellect. I'm sorry you can't comprehend things outside of your own reality. Then insulting people who challenge your reality is yet another sign of poor intellect. Hilarious to watch ignorant people think they are so smart.

  • well they finally got the parents. I wouldn't be surprised if they were in on this, or even helped mold this little demon.

    It's good that they are going after the parents, though I'm surprised this is seemingly the first time we have seen parents get arrested in this type of situation. I can't recall when I saw parents get arrested before. They didn't arrest parents for Colombine, they didn't arrest Nick Cruz's foster parents, how about the Sandy Hook shooting, the couple of church shootings a few years ago . I don't recall parents ever being arrested. Do yall? Just find that strange.

  • Apparently, school found a note where the kid essentially stated what he was gonna do, and they all had a meeting THAT MORNING, IN the school. Kid had the Sig in his backpack they'd bought the previous Friday, unfucking real

  • yeah forreal. I always find these cases strange. For one, how do they always aim so well. 2, is it always random kids? Like they never shoot specific people who may be bullying them. Its always random people, and that is strange to me. Every time I see these kids randomly shooting people, they always seem like they are completely fucked up in the pictures, like on drugs or something, or just plain bizzare pics. It never makes sense to me. Which is why I normally believe these patterns are spawned from a higher source to push an agenda. We never saw shit like this before the 90s NWO take over.

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