the 1911 thread..

  • I know... eventually all threads end up featuring the saintly 1911.. even glock forums constantly talk about 1911's But in a way they are like the AR in that everyone makes one and they can be customized so easily with so many parts available.

    Lets start.. barrel and bushing... any match grade.

    Trigger.. well.. the one it came with stupid.

    Springs... Wolf is great but I think the Wilson Combat flat springs are the ticket. They are smaller in diameter so have to have the Wilson rod which is the two piece model.. They have been running up to 50k rounds without replacement.. I have had stock springs go 20k but I am sure it was battering my frame.

    Magazines.. Mec gar is great.. Wilson is great. CM is great and the best deal.. Colt 7 round mags are really good.. I have a half dozen surplus Colt mags and they all work great.. one time I found a Colt mag in the wax paper.. had to be 40 years old or more and it was loaded... yep.. 7 rounds of 230 ball ammo. It ran flawlessly.

    Sights.. eh... whatever.. I like the tritium cause it is really dull in the daytime outdoors... white dots annoy me.


  • If ya put a .40 in it...THAT'LL do it, but aside from that, never had any sort a failure with the generic 230 grain ball ammo

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  • Storch.. I think that is about what I have experienced. I see jammed glocks and other plastic pistols at the range all the time.

    I shoot my 200 grain cast SWC bullets. I think that they are probly the hardest round to feed there is. In all honesty tho a 1911 can be made by dozens of companies and some are not great.. it is amazing that some of the cheaper ones even work.

    Another thing about the 1911 is the extractor.. it is pretty much an art to set one up..

    If you buy a high end 1911... say Wilson combat or Ed Brown... not only will they guarantee 100% reliability but will guarantee 2" groups at 50 yards. they actually do make guns that shoot better than we are capable of.

    All that aside. I have never met anyone who shot a 1911 and did not enjoy it. I have never met anyone who did not like the way the gun looks.


  • My compact RIA 1911 has only jammed if I fed it steel case wolf ammo. But shit it doesn't even have 300 rounds through it yet. No I just use American made brass and its fine every time.

  • I used to buy the Norinco Chinese 1911s for $225 CDN, both 5" and Commanders, and then strip them down to the frame/receiver, and build up a "real" 1911 with aftermarket parts. It was a very, very popular hobby up here, on "the" Canadian shooting forums, there would be threads with dozens of guys posting pics of the builds, exchanging ideas, help, and parts. Great way to learn how to make your own 1911 for not a lot of $ back then.

    The whole "unreliability" thing that polymer/striker pistol shooters go on about is largely overblown. I've seen millions of rounds through every pistol made on both rental racks when I was younger, and on training ranges and courses when I got older - they all fail. Nothing better than seeing some Dr in Calgary with his new G22, talking shit about 1911s, and then watch his sight fly off within 100 rounds of new, and then the slide rail guide insert have a catostrophic boo boo on day 2 of the course, and watch him buy a new gun to complete his course. Murphy's law in action. Everything can fail, everything WILL break at some point.

    Custom 1911s are every bit as reliable as anything else, and even the mass produced 1911s, if proper inspection, adjustment, and care/lubrication/upkeep is maintained, can be very close to that standard as well.

    1911s so far as autos go have the best shape and ergos of any handgun yet made IMO. They are wide and narrow in all the perfect places - as much as I like the added capacity, IMO the double stack 1911s lose some of that, and isn't worth it. Of all my 1911s I've had exactly 2 which were double stack, Para 9mm polymer framed.

  • I fired about 5000 rounds through military .45s and never had a jam or stovepipe. The only real downside is that of those 5000 rounds, the cases of 500 hit me somewhere. They threw brass anywhere in a 10 mile radius. It is a gun where safety glasses are mandatory.

  • BTW... what changed that caused the 1911 production explosion over the last 5 years? Everyone seems to be making them now.

  • Best Glock fail I've ever seen was a Glock that field stripped itself while being fired. Slide flew off frame and tumbled down the firing line - barrel popped right out and recoil spring just kept on going. The guy shooting it had a habit of keeping his thumb on the release tab, and somehow it popped out the frame from the other side. Who knows how/why, but it sure was dramatic.

  • I think the reasons for the 1911 being made by so many now are kinda like a perfect storm thing.. When the klintons got their 10 round magazine ban people who liked semi autos were saying... 'if I can only have ten rounds or something I want it more potent than a 9mm"

    Another thing was Kimber was making very high quality almost custom level guns for around a grand. Their company got rich big time.. at the same time the chinks put their product on the market and it really wasn't that bad. In the philipines they had been making em for years but put out a new advertising blitZ..

    None of this could have happened if MEM parts had not gotten good.. and.. CNC machining. So once you invested in the equipment you could really crank out the 1911's.. a lot of the myths about how complex they were to make were found to be untrue.