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  • redwing7

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    Remember at the torn of the century before this? People were saying cars would never replace the horse and buggy.
  • GScholz

    Liked txmom’s post in the thread You're fired..
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    Me too. I'm pretty sure I'd be named an honorary "chicago" in Alaska (the derogatory name we call all crackers).
  • Rondar

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    (Quote from Rondar)

    That's off the hook.
  • Sluggo

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    Look, we all know that "dialing it back a few notches" isn't in lazs' nature.

    We also know that sometimes people in our lives need to be given a wider berth in order to allow them to sort things out for themselves.

    Not that my opinion is worth a pint…
  • Sluggo

    Liked MurderFace’s post in the thread You're fired..
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    Didn't he post up a Christmas picture with he and his family and the "jazz hands"?

    I mean... that kind of deserved a bit of a tune up.

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