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  • Phatzo

    Liked boxboy’s post in the thread Meme Time.
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  • GScholz

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    personally the only real cars I appreciate are "Rat Rods"! its kinda like "stew" they throw every piece of old working shit on to it to make it work and it is art work.

    Don't get me wrong, I like and enjoy old classics shinning fine and beautifully…
  • StRaNgEdAyS

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    See? That’s why we need a sarcasm font in here.

    I’m an Air Force veteran and am keenly aware of what we have in our arsenal. 😉
  • boxboy

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    When we're on the topic of Pontiacs and random photos... Grew up in the back seat of a 400 CID '76 Trans Am. Sweet ride. Had Mirra flake paint and two dozen layers of clear coat. Won prizes and shit at car shows. Me on the left with by buddy Vidar.

  • txmom

    Liked Razer’s post in the thread Herding cats.
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    I ‘herded cats’ for many years, never again. People just want to bitch and be unhappy with everything. They don’t want anyone to actually solve their issues, as I discovered.

    I’m back on my tools and loving it.

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